Calling all those who live near Bridge of Don and Danestone!

Joel Evans, an Instant Neighbour board member, Bridge of Don resident and MSc student at the University of Aberdeen, is investigating the potential to establish a community reuse hub in Bridge of Don and Danestone, and would greatly appreciate your help in completing this anonymous, 5-minute survey.

At this time he is only looking for responses from those aged 18 and over.

Thank you!

Charitable: Where to eat and what at you need to know…

Whilst we all love to indulge in a hearty homemade meal, there is nothing like the experience of a devouring a delicious meal in a local restaurant. But how rewarding would it be for diners knowing that whilst dining out, that they can contribute to charity.

Well now, thanks to ChariTable Bookings you can.

By choosing to book a table through the ChariTable website or app, you can donate £1 per person for Instant Neighbour at absolutely no cost to you.

With an abundance of restaurants in Aberdeen to choose from, we’ve pulled together a list of all of the restaurants which have signed up to the initiative, and by choosing Instant Neighbour when booking, you can help us support someone in need.

Aberdeen restaurants signed up to ChariTable:


  • Amarone
  • Aperitivo
  • Café 52
  • Café Andaluz
  • Cocoa Ooze
  • Eat on the Green
  • Lychee Oriental
  • Ma Cameron’s
  • Moonfish Café
  • Shri Bheema’s (city centre and Bridge of Don)


Unsure how to use the booking system? Don’t worry, we’ve provided a four-step process on how to book through the app. So next time when you’re looking for somewhere to eat, give something back and book with ChariTable.

Quick step-by-step on how to use ChariTable:

1.Discover restaurants through or download ChariTable Bookings on the App Store

  1. Book a restaurant with ChariTable Bookings and select Instant Neighbour as your chosen charity
  2. Support Instant Neighbour at no cost to yourself – the restaurant will give us £1 for every person in your party!
  3. Enjoy your food knowing that you’re giving back to a local charity – dining out has never tasted so good.

The Giving Tree Buying Guide Top Tips

The Giving Tree Buying Guide Top Tips:

Buying a gift for loved ones is never an easy task; however buying a gift for someone you don’t know can be even more challenging.

As we launched our Giving Tree initiative yesterday, we have decided to pull together a buying guide, which can assist you in deciding which gift/s you want to purchase and give to the child on your gift tag/

The below suggestions are for guideline, however, please feel free to donate any gifts you feel are appropriate for the age/gender on your tag.


Age Boy Girl
Up to 12 months ·         Cuddly toys

·         Baby clothes, hats and shoes

·         0-3mths toys

·         Baby books

·         Learning DVD’s

·         Walkers

12 – 24 months ·         Early learning toys

·         Learning DVD’s

·         Puzzles

·         Toy animals

·         Small sports equipment including balls to throw

2 – 4 years ·         Crayons,

·         Pre-school books

·         Early learning toys/board games

·         Toy trucks and trains,

·         Pre-school books

·         Early learning toys/board games

·         Dolls

·         Crayons

5 – 6 years ·         Action figures (e.g. Dr Who)

·         Play-doh

·         Comic books

·         Toy trains and cars

·         Age-appropriate books/colouring books

·         DVD’s

·         Kites

·         Costumes

·         Play-doh

·         Toy vehicles

·         Age-appropriate books/colouring books

·         Dress up costumes

·         Dolls

7 – 9 years ·         Toy cars/construction toys such as Lego

·         Spy kits

·         Comic books and arts/crafts materials

·         Jewellery making materials

·         Arts/crafts materials

·         Construction toys such as Lego, Knex or Meccano

·         Dolls

10 – 12 years ·         CD’s

·         DVD’s

·         Book vouchers

·         Outdoor activity equipment such as kites and footballs, science kits,

·         Hobby kits such as diabolos, puzzles (e.g. rubix cubes).

·         Art materials

·         Scarves, hats and gloves

·         CD’s

·         DVD’s,

·         Books vouchers,

·         Hobby materials such as diabolos

·         Small accessories.

13 – 15 years ·         Gift vouchers (Music shops, clothes shops and cinemas),

·         Book vouchers

·         Remote control helicopters and cars

·         Sports equipment (such as footballs and Frisbees).

·         Makeup

·         Hair products (e.g. straighteners)

·         CD’s and DVD’s

·         Purses and handbags

·         Perfume

·         Books

·         Dressing gowns, slippers, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, and hairbands.

16 – 18 years ·         Gift vouchers (music shops, clothes shops, Cineworld),

·         Book vouchers

·         Remote control helicopters and cars

·         Art materials

·         Deodorants and aftershave,

·         Socks

·         Musical equipment (e.g. musical instruments or speakers)

·         Sports equipment such as basketballs (deflated)

·         CD’s and DVD’s

·         Gift vouchers (clothing shops, Cineworld),

·         Book vouchers

·         Makeup

·         Candles

·         Electricity vouchers

·         Hair products (e.g. straightener)

·         CD’s and DVD’s

·         Purses and handbags

With many of the children who will receive gifts through the Giving Tree living in families who may struggle to afford Christmas dinner, we would greatly appreciate if our supporters could supply donations of vouchers which can be spent on food too. Vouchers for supermarkets are perfect for this.

If you have any questions regarding the Giving Tree, or would like to make a donation please contact us on 01224 489955 or email



Real help today, hope for tomorrow.

Halloween Quiz night roundup

Last week, JCI Aberdeen hosted a Halloween themed Quiz in aid of Instant Neighbor at the Parkvale FC supporters Club, raising vital funds for us ahead of our annual Giving Tree appeal launch!

With the Quizmaster taking up through a time warp of questions, and teams of guys and ghouls at the ready, it was an evening of tricks and treats with some unexpected questions catching us all out.

As well as the Halloween Quiz, there was also a raffle with some tasty treats up for grabs including some BrewDog products, and some delicious sweets. We had a ball of a night and were delighted that JCI Aberdeen had managed to raise £200 for us on the evening.

All in all it was a spooktacular event, with some of the participants dressing up for the occasion. After all, extra points were awarded to teams who dressed up and every point counts at a quiz night.

A huge thanks to JCI Aberdeen for organising the event, until next year!


Real help today, hope for tomorrow.


A Spooktacular Fundraiser

As the cold, crisp Autumnal evenings draw in, and daylight fades to darkness earlier, in the evening, the eerie feeling in the atmosphere can mean only one thing…Hallows Eve is nigh.

With individuals across the country sporting their most impressive ghouls and ghosts costumes, there is nothing more spooktacular happening in Aberdeen this Halloween than the JCI Aberdeen Halloween Quiz night.

An evening full of tricky questions, with the occasional treat here and there, we’re asking individuals to dust the off the cobwebs on their infamous Halloween costumes, and fire up their brooms for a magical evening in aid of Instant Neighbour.

Help us to continue to help others by coming along and supporting us at this thrilling event, with additional points being awarded to the best costume.


Taking place from 7.30pm at the Parkvale FC Supporters Social Club on Friday 28th October, you’re guaranteed a fun-packed evening.

Rally up a team (maximum of four people) and take on the quizmaster. Tickets are £5 per person, with all funds going to Instant Neighbour.

To sign up a team and secure your visit:

You can also buy tickets on the door, and don’t forget to come dressed in your best Halloween attire, as there are extra points to be won by those who have the best costumes!

There is also a prize for the winning team and a raffle too.

Please call Mary at JCI Aberdeen on 07951754003 if you have any queries.

A huge thank you to JCI Aberdeen, who have organised this Halloween event in aid of Instant Neighbour.


Real help today, hope for tomorrow.



Scottish Home Show 2016

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Instant Neighbour, we’ve had various individuals across the city fundraising on our behalf, our volunteers have been working extremely hard throughout all of our stores, and our food bank donations have been continually steady thanks to some extremely generous individuals.

14457448_705809929571272_5572226224791862003_nMost recently, Instant Neighbour was involved in the Scottish Home Show where we had partnered with celebrity interior designer, Linda Barker, to educate individuals about up-cycling furniture. This partnership allowed us to raise awareness of donating high quality second hand furniture, furniture which has easily be used and donated to a new home.

At Instant Neighbour our aim to provide low cost, good quality second hand furniture, to those on low incomes is extremely important to us.  To enable us to achieve this we rely on these donations from the public.  Income generated from the sales of the furniture and from our services, goes back into the organisation, allowing us to continue with our charitable work.


Throughout the weekend event alongside the second hand furniture we had available to buy on our stand, we also promoted other various services including Safe and Sound, Joinerinc, Carpetinc, and Removalinc, all of which can further help our service users.

This was our first year working with the Scottish Home Show, and we think it worked out extremely well for us. Not only was it a great opportunity for us to showcase the wide variety of services Instant Neighbour offers, it allowed us to raise awareness to those who didn’t know much about the charity on how we help the local community.



At the show, we decided to take some furniture along to outline the quality of furniture donations we are looking for. By selling furniture on the stand, and also the different pieces of furniture Linda Barker had up cycled for us, we managed to raise £330.


We are already planning to return to the Scottish Home Show next year and we will definitely be taking much more furniture to sell with us. Who knew so many people would want to buy and take away furniture there and then! We’re also looking to do a few more practical demonstrations to showcase our Joinerinc and Carpetinc services – we plan on building a set of stairs and carpeting them so people can see the service in it’s final form.

Getting instant feedback from the public was fantastic, and being at the show presented us with the opportunity to educate even more people about how Instant Neighbour makes such an impact on the local community.  Being associated with a celebrity interior designer also had a positive impact on our stand, as many people were eager to find out how they could help and volunteer.

All in all the Scottish Home Show was a great success for us, and we are very much looking forward to showcasing our incredible services next year too.


Real help today, Hope for tomorrow.




Removalinc is the new low cost removal service covering the North East of Scotland from Instant Neighbour.

Our customers come to us for help and, along with our other services; Carpetinc and Joinerinc, we now offer an affordable, fair & reliable, quality service at a great price.

Removalinc provides clients with a choice.  They no longer have to use premium service providers. We can provide materials for packing i.e. boxes, bubble wrap & tissue paper at an additional cost and we can provide storage solutions too!

We offer an hourly rated service so our clients only pay for the time the removal takes. We ask that the client come in for a short meeting with a member of our team so we can assess their needs.

Our dedicated team of drivers and assistants will then carry out the removal and help you on your moving day.

We are very happy to accept donations of fully-functional and largely undamaged second-hand furniture, electrical, and household items that you no longer require. Instead of arranging for these items to go to landfill you can donate the items to us and we will uplift them when carrying out your removal.

Without donations, we would be unable to provide our local community with affordable furniture, electrical equipment, and childcare equipment, and we could not operate our food bank.

By donating these items to us, and using any one of our services, you are directly helping to support some of the poorest and most vulnerable people living in Aberdeen.

Thank you for helping us to provide ‘Real help today, Hope for tomorrow’!

Interning with Instant Neighbour

“I knew that homelessness and poverty existed here just like any other city but I did not know the extent of it”


This summer I’ve had the privilege to work as the ‘Communication Strategist’ at Instant Neighbour. To be honest I did not know much about the charity previously but I saw a post about the position through my university. For the entire spring semester at uni I had been dreading the coming of summer due to the lack of prospects in terms of finding an internship and even more so – a paid internship. I’m an international student who just completed the third year of my undergraduate. I knew that I needed to get a job over the summer in order to pay for my flat and in order to be able to keep it for the next academic year. And so I was thrilled to find out that I was selected to do a four week internship with Instant Neighbour over the summer.

The job has involved various tasks and projects such as creating an infomercial about the charity, creating monthly brochures featuring events that are to be held that month, creating leaflets and posters for events and sales, setting up a YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat account and keeping those accounts updated, and last but not least creating a blog. I’ve enjoyed the autonomy of the job and that it’s allowed me to be creative on ways to promote the charity through social media. The job has certainly taught me more about marketing and promotion and using various programs and tools in order to meet those ends – skills that I am sure will be valuable for a future job and for my future career.

Not only that but this experience has given me a whole new insight into the city of Aberdeen which for me until now has almost exclusively revolved around the University of Aberdeen campus and the city centre. Whilst heading out with the Instant Neighbour van to collect food donations I got to see all of Aberdeen from Cults to Footdee for the first time. I have also gained more insight into some of the social issues that the city faces in terms of the poverty that exists here. I knew that homelessness and poverty existed here just like any other city but I did not know the extent of it; that 1 in 10 live in poverty. That is a remarkably high number. A sad fact to say the least. Instant Neighbour does an incredible job in supporting these people in different ways from handing out food donations, providing ways to create a nice and comfortable home at affordable prices and offering opportunities for personal development through volunteering. I will definitely keep supporting this charity any way I can after the internship is over.

Welcome to the Instant Neighbour blog!


Hello and Welcome to our blog!

We wish we would not have to do the work that we do… but the sad fact is that poverty is on the increase in the UK and in Aberdeen and so our work remains vital.

In the past 31 years, Instant Neighbour has provided practical assistance, advice and emotional support to 290,000 people in Aberdeen living below the poverty line!

We provide services such as handing out emergency food parcels, selling good-quality, donated furniture, household-items, white goods and clothes for affordable prices, and providing work experience for the long-term unemployed, benefit-dependent, people struggling with addictions, and/or young people not in education or training, and more…

However, that is not what this blog post is about.

The truth is that despite the work that we do and the help that we have provided over the years we feel the need to become more visible in the Aberdeen community so that we can reach out to more people. Hence, the blog.

This blog will feature what we do in more detail. You will get more of a behind the scenes feel of things, get to know the incredible team that puts their time and effort into the work that Instant Neighbour does, and hear the good news stories of staff, volunteers and clients.

In this process we ask for your support by commenting and giving us feedback. And of course as always, donations – whether furniture, clothes, food or money is much appreciated. 🙂