Welcome to the Instant Neighbour blog!


Hello and Welcome to our blog!

We wish we would not have to do the work that we do… but the sad fact is that poverty is on the increase in the UK and in Aberdeen and so our work remains vital.

In the past 31 years, Instant Neighbour has provided practical assistance, advice and emotional support to 290,000 people in Aberdeen living below the poverty line!

We provide services such as handing out emergency food parcels, selling good-quality, donated furniture, household-items, white goods and clothes for affordable prices, and providing work experience for the long-term unemployed, benefit-dependent, people struggling with addictions, and/or young people not in education or training, and more…

However, that is not what this blog post is about.

The truth is that despite the work that we do and the help that we have provided over the years we feel the need to become more visible in the Aberdeen community so that we can reach out to more people. Hence, the blog.

This blog will feature what we do in more detail. You will get more of a behind the scenes feel of things, get to know the incredible team that puts their time and effort into the work that Instant Neighbour does, and hear the good news stories of staff, volunteers and clients.

In this process we ask for your support by commenting and giving us feedback. And of course as always, donations – whether furniture, clothes, food or money is much appreciated. 🙂



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