Removalinc is the new low cost removal service covering the North East of Scotland from Instant Neighbour.

Our customers come to us for help and, along with our other services; Carpetinc and Joinerinc, we now offer an affordable, fair & reliable, quality service at a great price.

Removalinc provides clients with a choice.  They no longer have to use premium service providers. We can provide materials for packing i.e. boxes, bubble wrap & tissue paper at an additional cost and we can provide storage solutions too!

We offer an hourly rated service so our clients only pay for the time the removal takes. We ask that the client come in for a short meeting with a member of our team so we can assess their needs.

Our dedicated team of drivers and assistants will then carry out the removal and help you on your moving day.

We are very happy to accept donations of fully-functional and largely undamaged second-hand furniture, electrical, and household items that you no longer require. Instead of arranging for these items to go to landfill you can donate the items to us and we will uplift them when carrying out your removal.

Without donations, we would be unable to provide our local community with affordable furniture, electrical equipment, and childcare equipment, and we could not operate our food bank.

By donating these items to us, and using any one of our services, you are directly helping to support some of the poorest and most vulnerable people living in Aberdeen.

Thank you for helping us to provide ‘Real help today, Hope for tomorrow’!

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