Scottish Home Show 2016

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Instant Neighbour, we’ve had various individuals across the city fundraising on our behalf, our volunteers have been working extremely hard throughout all of our stores, and our food bank donations have been continually steady thanks to some extremely generous individuals.

14457448_705809929571272_5572226224791862003_nMost recently, Instant Neighbour was involved in the Scottish Home Show where we had partnered with celebrity interior designer, Linda Barker, to educate individuals about up-cycling furniture. This partnership allowed us to raise awareness of donating high quality second hand furniture, furniture which has easily be used and donated to a new home.

At Instant Neighbour our aim to provide low cost, good quality second hand furniture, to those on low incomes is extremely important to us.  To enable us to achieve this we rely on these donations from the public.  Income generated from the sales of the furniture and from our services, goes back into the organisation, allowing us to continue with our charitable work.


Throughout the weekend event alongside the second hand furniture we had available to buy on our stand, we also promoted other various services including Safe and Sound, Joinerinc, Carpetinc, and Removalinc, all of which can further help our service users.

This was our first year working with the Scottish Home Show, and we think it worked out extremely well for us. Not only was it a great opportunity for us to showcase the wide variety of services Instant Neighbour offers, it allowed us to raise awareness to those who didn’t know much about the charity on how we help the local community.



At the show, we decided to take some furniture along to outline the quality of furniture donations we are looking for. By selling furniture on the stand, and also the different pieces of furniture Linda Barker had up cycled for us, we managed to raise £330.


We are already planning to return to the Scottish Home Show next year and we will definitely be taking much more furniture to sell with us. Who knew so many people would want to buy and take away furniture there and then! We’re also looking to do a few more practical demonstrations to showcase our Joinerinc and Carpetinc services – we plan on building a set of stairs and carpeting them so people can see the service in it’s final form.

Getting instant feedback from the public was fantastic, and being at the show presented us with the opportunity to educate even more people about how Instant Neighbour makes such an impact on the local community.  Being associated with a celebrity interior designer also had a positive impact on our stand, as many people were eager to find out how they could help and volunteer.

All in all the Scottish Home Show was a great success for us, and we are very much looking forward to showcasing our incredible services next year too.


Real help today, Hope for tomorrow.


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