Instant Neighbour was established in 1984 to provide advice, support and practical assistance to those in need in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire. We provide goods and services to the most vulnerable people in society, those living in areas of multiple deprivation (identified by SIMD data), those who are long-term unemployed, who are benefit dependent, young people not in education, employment or training and those who have a background of never having worked. Many are “repeat customers” who access services on a regular basis for food parcels or other assistance.

Our Mission

We aim to alleviate poverty in Aberdeen so creating a better quality of life by providing practical assistance, developing our social enterprises, and campaigning for change.

Poverty remains a feature of life in the UK, the growth of food banks and pay day loan companies coming to symbolise the hardship experienced by increasing numbers of people across the country in recent years. The gap between the incomes of the rich and poor has also grown significantly over recent decades.

Our Activities and Services

Instant Neighbour assists over 10,000 people per year. We provide basic help for people on low incomes at particular times in their lives including:

  • Setting up home after a period of homelessness
  • Setting up home for the first time on a low income
  • Those forced to seek accommodation because of divorce or the breakdown of a relationship
  • Those experiencing hardship because of prolonged dependence on benefits
  • Those experiencing hunger because of poverty and/or chaotic lifestyles

We run a range of projects to help overcome these difficulties including:

  • Household equipment and furniture provision
  • Furniture storage for those evicted from their home
  • Provision of carpets
  • Affordable joinery services
  • Provision of food parcels
  • Annual Giving Tree which provides a gift for a child who wouldn’t otherwise get one
  • The loan of baby equipment


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